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Social Media Management

Are you tired of running your social media? Hire a team of experts to do it for you for a fraction of what social media managers charge! From creating the content to posting it, we got you covered.

Multi-channel Ad Campaigns

Are you looking to create content that converts into customers? Not only will we run the ad, we will create the piece of content if you do not have one. We run ads on TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram.

Coaching and Consulting

Do you want to learn how to create valuable content that builds brand awareness, train your teammembers on content creation, or craft a winning social media strategy that converts and builds community? Then our coaching services are for you!


User-Generated Content (UGC)

93% of shoppers trust recommendations from fellow consumers. Rather than a branded high-end produced video, UGC is authentic content made outside of your company.

Video Content Calendar

The Video Content Calendar is a personalized document with step by step instructions ready-to-record.

Social Media Success Guide

The Social Media Success Guide is a custom packet created to provide social media growth tips and insight into relevant industry data.


Learn more about our client success stories.

case study 1 cover fyshsocial

How This Company Saw a 7.3k% Increase in Engagement in Just 28 Days

In just 28 days, Polaris Teen Center organically reached 78.4k accounts and engaged with 44.3k accounts.
case study 2 cover fyshsocial

How This Organization Went From 0 Views to Hundreds of Thousands

In a series of months, Stop the Demand Project accumulated 620,000+ organic video views.


At FYSH, we don’t offer cookie cutter marketing efforts. Our team caters to your company’s needs and demographic so that you can maximize your marketing dollars for your highest return.

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Meet our team

Founded in 2020, FYSH is a fractional social media agency based in Cleveland, Ohio. The agency is dedicated to providing individuals and companies with the resources to create valuable content that builds brand awareness and converts community into customers.

Photo of Sophia Fisher
Sophia Fisher
Chief Executive Officer

Sophia is the Chief Executive Officer of FYSH, and an expert in video marketing and social media strategy. In her free time, she enjoys singing and playing piano.

Photo of Lily Burmeister
Lily Burmeister
Communications Director

Lily is the Communications Director of FYSH. She is tasked with overseeing all account managers and maintaining healthy relations with all team members. In addition to work, Lily loves art and fashion.

Photo of Karsten Short
Karsten Short
Digital Advertising Specialist

Karsten is a Digital Advertising Specialist with over 7 years of experience managing advertising budgets to maximize ROI. When Karsten isn't working, he loves spending time with friends and traveling.

Photo of Jacob Fisher
Jacob Fisher
Chief Financial Officer

Jacob is the Chief Financial Officer of FYSH. He is responsible for overseeing all financial functions such as accounting and tracking cash flow. When Jacob isn't working, he spends his time at the gym with friends.

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